Frequently Asked Questions

Our process for scrapping cars

Selling your old car for scrap metal is an environmentally friendly move that can also put money in your pocket – there are some procedures that need to be followed. Midwest Metals makes scrapping cars easier for you – we provide a free pick-up for your End of Life Vehicle throughout Simcoe, Dufferin and Grey Counties, take care of the paperwork for you, and pay you a competitive price.

What we need to know before scrapping your car

  • Is the vehicle complete with all its parts?
  • Does the vehicle have tires? Will they hold air?
  • Is the vehicle accessible?
  • Do you have the ownership?
  • Have you removed all personal belongings (plates, garage door openers, 407 transponders etc…)
  • Is the vehicle towable (AWD)?
  • Gas or Diesel/Hybrid or Propane

What documents do I need before Midwest Metals remove my car?

A signed ownership and the keys.

What else do I need to do to my car prior to removal?

Remove your valid licence plates and all personal belongings including CDs and tapes. Please remove all garbage from the interior and the trunk.

I’ve lost the keys; will Midwest Metals still take the car for recycling?

Yes, but please tell us in advance.

What does Midwest Metals do with the ownerships?

Midwest Metals submits your signed ownership to Service Ontario.

Can I get money back on my valid licence plates?

Yes, you need to go to your local Service Ontario.

Will Midwest Metals remove any other types of scrap vehicle?

No, we are only authorized to pick up End-of Life Vehicles

How does it work?

Step 1

A customer calls Midwest Metals or submits his/her information online to us. One of our customer service representatives explains our process and provides an estimate for their vehicle. Once our cash offer is accepted, a date/time that is convenient with the customer is confirmed. We require the Ownership and keys for the vehicle being purchased.

Step 2

Our Tilt N’ Load arrives at your location on the date of the confirmed morning or afternoon appointment with the pre-arranged cash payment at which time the vehicle is safely loaded and removed from the property.

Step 3

Once your vehicle arrives at Midwest Metals, it is processed according to End-of Life Vehicle Program requirements.

Step 4

Once your vehicle is processed it is then baled and loaded on our trailers ready for it’s next step in the recycling journey.

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