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Scrap metal recycling can have an impact on the environment. At Midwest Metals, we are committed to handling all scrap metal in an environmentally safe way. We employ SEDA-Environmental vehicle drainage technologies to ensure that the fluids such as gasoline, transmission, brake and steering fluids, glycol (anti-freeze) and motor oil are not spilled into the environment. SEDA-Environmental is Europe’s leading producer of End of life vehicle drainage technology. Their specialised tools, drilling machines and drainage platforms remove virtually all liquids from “End of Life Vehicles” in the most efficient, fast and safe way possible. With over 20 years of research and development behind them and more than 2000 dismantlers worldwide trusting SEDA´s technology it is the ideal solution. Get rid of your junk car at Midwest Metals and leave with a clear conscience. We have state of the art site drainage system to ensure our environment and community stays one of the most beautiful around for generations to come.

Automotive Mercury Recovery at Midwest Metals

We are pleased to announce that we have recovered over 2,000 mercury switches since 1999. We are ranked 12th highest nation-wide for mercury switch recovery.




Midwest is striving for a greener Clearview Township

Midwest Metals introduces a recycling program for Schools that will help make a greener tomorrow for Clearview. It’s a win-win program for the environment and local schools that are looking for a fund-raising program.  Here’s how it works: Midwest Metals will provide a Bin/Trailer to the school (community fundraiser) when and where requested. The School community and surrounding community can take advantage of not having to pay tipping fees at the landfill, by depositing their collectables in the containers. The School will be paid according to the daily fee schedule less a nominal freight charge, to put towards their fundraising  projects. Please refer to our Suggested Collectables List for ideas of what can be turned in for our “Cash Back” Fundraising Program. Contact us for more information.